• Looking for a fun way to entertain your guests or customers?
  • Foosball combines fun, exercise and a challenge.
  • Every game is a new adventure!


  • As you might have noticed it is nearly impossible to find a foosball table in any hotel or bar in Asia. Make the difference ! Impress your guests at home and offer your customers an activity they cannot find anywhere else.

French Culture

  • Foosball table (with Petanque) is THE typical French hobby and is now available in your holiday destination. What else to ask for?


  •  Foosball Asia offers 3 styles of foosball tables to match with your hotel style and the atmosphere of your bar. You can choose the traditional wooden table for an old fashion nostalgic surrounding, or a modern black table to emphasize the fashion side of your high-so style bar.

No Maintenance

  • Unlike any other hotel equipment, foosball does not require any special maintenance and can be used the whole day and week by your customers, friends and family for their pure pleasure.

User Friendly

  • Any one from 7 to 77 years old can enjoy a game of foosball table.
  • From beginner to professionals, everyone can play and enjoy the game.

Easy To Move

  • The table weights 90 kgs to ensure its stability but allows an easy move with only 2 persons. Moreover, it can be dismantled et reassembled in less than 10 min and can fit in any lift or any pick up car.

Value For Money

  • Unlike a pool table, an expensive investment, or a sport that is played outside requiring a lot of space, foosball tables provide a great value for money and a way to entertain your customers or your guests, making them feel at home.


  • Foosball Asia offers the opportunity to put your hotel brand/image on the table. People will associate the French culture, friendly and entertaining aspect of foosball with the image of your hotel.

Not Bulky

  • Unlike a pool table (that requires 9 m2 (2.5m x 3.6m)) a foosball table requires only 3 m2 (1.5m x 2m). Above being more entertaining, fun, challenging, original and user friendly, the space needed to play is 3 times less than a pool table would require.

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